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Palestra com o Prof. Dr. Bruno Sousa da Universidade de Coimbra (PT)

A ISH é uma das conferências internacionais mais influentes e bem frequentadas por pesquisadores e acadêmicos no campo da engenharia de alta tensão e tecnologia de isolamento. O ISH 2021 atraiu mais de 460 artigos de cientistas, pesquisadores e engenheiros na área de engenharia de alta tensão de diferentes países. A fim de fornecer uma plataforma melhor para cientistas, pesquisadores e engenheiros trocarem ideias e discutirem novas pesquisas, o comitê organizador da ISH 2023 convidará especialistas proeminentes na área de engenharia de alta tensão para fazer apresentações plenárias e convidadas.

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Title: Powering up VR applications with eye gaze and mobility tracking

Date: 06/set/2022

Time: 9 a.m.

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Virtual reality (VR) is taking a front seat in training, healthcare, and creative art, allowing new experiences and interactive applications to be created in a fully immersive environment. Capturing user attention is a key element for future VR development especially for personalised VR applications that can automatically adapt to user characteristics and social VR where people can interact and participate in shared activities with emotions.

In the past few years, we have had a series of projects on capturing and modelling human attention in VR. Our research shows that eye gaze and body movements share a pivotal role in capturing human perception, intent, and experience. We believe that VR is more than a computerised environment with fancy graphics. With the help of biometric sensors and machine learning, VR can become the best persuasive technology known to human-computer interaction (HCI) designers. In a recent project, we demonstrated how machine learning can be automated to improve visitors' experience in a VR art exhibition without any prior knowledge of the artwork. We are also exploring how the VR and AI can enable automated assessment and treatment of mental illness in a remote location, e.g., in patients’ own homes. This will ultimately help democratising mental health care.

In this talk, Dr Mu from Technology will give an overview of our latest research and exciting student projects on attention-aware VR designs. 

Assunto da Palestra: Modelo Hierárquico para Diagnóstico e Desfecho de Pacientes com COVID-19, Utilizando Comitês Baseados em Modelos de Inteligência Artificial a Partir de Imagens e Dados Clínicos/Laboratoriais

Data: 25/08/2022

Hora: A partir das 9h30

Local: Auditório do ITEC

Palestrante: Prof. Dra. Karla Figueiredo (UERJ) 

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