Conducted by Escribo (formerly Daccord), a company of Pernambuco whose projects are being supported through the Human resources training Programme in strategic areas (SÍLICA), CNPq/MCTI, Intelligent Microphone (MIC), Connectable indoor version of the audio alert, can be used, for example, in the area of security in detecting gunshots of firearms, in the monitoring of banks , safes, ATMs and residences through the recognition of beats on walls, breaking glass etc. In addition to healthcare, in the detection of events such as falls, moans and cries for help.


The hearing impaired can also benefit from the MIC with the warnings about dangerous events in the surroundings. Hospitals, clinics and schools also benefit, because, the system also supports sound noise control around these locations.

Porto Maravilha

The Cisco innovation Challenge Porto Urban Marvel was a competition open to startups, entrepreneurs and developers of all Brazil. From the result of the competition, Cisco will help the five best solutions become reality through a process of acceleration. The ultimate goal is to develop solutions that collaborate with the urban transformation of Rio de Janeiro.

For a better targeting of the applications that were developed for the challenge, was conducted a study on the needs regarding the use of technology in Port, port region Wonder of Rio, which is undergoing a revitalization through Urban Wonder Port Operation. This process is part of the preparation of the city for the major sporting events.

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