Accompanying of Alumni

In the last three years, doctors and masters have been graduated, from special or regular classes, which work in several higher level institutions of the State, such as: UNAMA (University of the Amazon), CESUPA (University Center of Pará), UFRA (Federal Rural University of the Amazon), UFOPA (Federal University of the West of Pará), IFPA (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pará), IESAM (Institute of Higher Studies of the Amazon) and EMBRAPA (Brazilian Agricultural Research Company) besides the UFPA itself in its various campuses.

Among the doctors, graduated by the PPGEE / UFPA, who work in the HEIs mentioned above, in the current triennium, can be cited:

Completed the Doctorate in 2013

1. José Adolfo da Silva Sena - ELETRONORTE

2.  Ana Carla Macedo – UFPA

3. Edilberto Oliveira Rozal – Professor UFPA/ Castanhal Campus

4. Vicente Ferrer Pureza Aleixo - Professor UFPA/ Ananindeua Campus

5. Jandecy Cabral Leite – director ITEGAM/Manaus

6. Raidson Jenner Negreiros de Alencar – Professor IFPA/Belém

7. Vinícius Duarte Lima – PhD

8. Luciana Pereira Gonzales - Professor UFPA/ Tucuruí Campus

9.  Ewerton Ramos Granhen - Professor UFPA/ Tucuruí Campus

10. Cláudio Gonçalves – Professor UEA

11. João Francisco Ribeiro Negrão - Professor UFPA/ Tucuruí Campus

12. José Jailton Henrique Ferreira Júnior – Professor IESAM

13. Laure Madaleine Dentel – France


The following students are currently taking up the Doctorate:

- Adalberto Cavalcante de Melo - Professor IFPA

- Agesandro Caetano Correa - Professor IFPA

- Aleksandra do Socorro da Silva - Professora UFRA

- Anderson Oliveira Silva – Professor - Celso Suckow da Fonseca Federal Center of Technological Education/RJ

- Andracir Alves Oliveira - Professor IFPA

 - André Moacir Lage Miranda - Professor IFPA 

- Antonio Fernando Lavareda Jacob Junior - Professor UNAMA

- Antonio Wanderley de Oliveira - Professor UFT

- Benevaldo Pereira Gonçalves - Professor IFAM

- Bruno Souza Lyra Castro - docente UFPA/Castanhal Campus

- Carlos Natalino da Silva - Professor IESAM

- Carlos Simoes Pereira - Researcher SIPAM

- Cassio André Sousa da Silva - Professor UFOPA

- Christiano do Carmo de Oliveira Maciel - Professor FAAM

- Claudio Roberto de Lima Martins - Professor IFPA

- Cleonor Crescencio das Neves - Professor IFAM

- David Barbosa de Alencar - Professor - Nilton Lins University

- Edvar da Luz Oliveira - Professor UFRA

- Eliton Smith dos Santos - Researcher ITEGAM

- Fabio Correa dos Santos - Professor IESAM

- Fernando Antonio Pinheiro Gomes – Professor SIABA/Belém

- Geraldo Neves de Albuquerque Maranhão -  Professor UFAP

- Ivanildo Silva Abreu - Professor UFMA

- Jorge Antonio Moraes de Souza - Professor UFRA

- Jose Adolfo da Silva Sena – Researcher -  ELETRONORTE

- José Alano Peres de Abreu - Professor IFPA

- Jose Carlos Reston Filho – Professor UNINORTE/Manaus

- Jose Carlos Reston Filho - Professor UNINORTE

- Jose Henrique Dias de Souza - Professor IESAM

- José Jailton Henrique Ferreira Junior – Professor  IESAM

- Jose Ruben Sicchar Vilchez - Professor UFAM

- Luis Carlos Macedo Blasques - Professor IFPA

- Luis Carlos Macedo Blasques - Researcher INCT-EREEA

- Luiz Dourado Dias Junior - Analyst SERPRO

- Manoel Socorro Santos Azevedo - Professor UEA

- Marcelino Silva da Silva - Professor UFPA/ Castanhal Campus

- Marcos Vinicius Sadala Barreto - Professor IFPA

- Norberto Bramatti - Researcher ELETRONORTE

- Patryckson Marinho Santos - Professor UFMA

- Paulo Henrique Bezerra - Professor UNAMA

- Paulo Roberto Moutinho de Vilhena - Researcher ELETRONORTE

- Rafael Rorato Londero - Professor UTFPR

- Raidson Genner Negreiros de Alencar - Professor IFPA

- Raimundo Claudio Souza Gomes - Professor UEA

- Raimundo Otoni Melo Figueiredo - Professor IFPA

- Ricardo Augusto Seawright de Campos - Professor IFPA

- Roger Ribeiro da Silva - Professor UNAMA

- Rômulo Augusto Nascimento de Oliveira - Professor IFPA

- Silvana Rossy de Brito - Professor UFRA

- Suelene de Jesus do Carmo Correa - Professor IFPA

- Talisman Claudio De Queiroz Teixeira Junior - Professor IFPA

- Weldon Carlos Elias Teixeira - Professor IFPA

- Weverson dos Santos Cirino - Professor CEULM/ULBRA


The following students already graduated in previous trienniums at Doctorate level:

- Adalbery Rodrigues Castro - FCT/UFPA 

- Ádamo Lima de Santana - FCT/UFPA 

- Admilson de Ribamar Lima Ribeiro - Professor UFS

- Afonso Jorge Ferreira Cardoso – Researcher EMBRAPA 

- Ana Rosa Carriço de Lima M. Duarte – College of Chemistry / UFPA

- André Maurício Damasceno Ferreira - Professor IFPA

- Andre Mendes Cavalcante - INDT/Manaus 

- Antonio Morais da Silveira -  Professor FACOMP/UFPA

- Bianchi Serique Meiguins - Professor FACOMP/UFPA 

- Carminda Célia Moura de Moura Carvalho – Professor FEE/UFPA

- Claudio Alex Jorge da Rocha - Professor IFPA 

- Claudio Luciano da Rocha Conde - Professor CESUPA

- Claudomiro de Souza de Sales Jr - FACOMP/UFPA

- Celsa Hermínia de Melo Maranhão – professor – College of Mathmatics / UFPA

- Deam James Azevedo da Silva - Professor UFOPA 

- Diego Lisboa Cardoso - FCT/UFPA 

- Dilermando Ramalho de Melo - Professor UFAM

- Eduardo Tannus Tuma - Professor FEE/UFPA 

- Fabrício Gonzalez Nogueira - Professor UFC  

- Fátima Nazaré Baraúna Magno – Professor – College of Physics/UFPA

- Francisco Carlos Bentes Frey Muller - FCT/UFPA 

- Francisco Edson Lopes da Rocha - FACOMP / UFPA

- Francisco José Mota de Souza - Professor IFPA 

- Giorgiana Freitas Pinheiro - CELPA 

- Glaucio Haroldo Silva de Carvalho – Professor FACOMP/UFPA 

- Guilherme Augusto Barros Conde - Professor UFOPA

- Hebe Morganni Campos Ribeiro - Professor UEPA

- Ivanildo Silva Abreu - Professor UFMA

- Jasmine Priscyla Leite de Araújo - FCT/UFPA 

- Jefferson Magalhães de Morais - FACOMP/UFPA 

- João Caldas do Lago Neto - Researcher ITEGAM 

- João Claudio Chamma Carvalho - UFPA/ Castanhal Campus

- João Evangelista Neto - Professor University Center North/UNIP  

- João Furtado de Souza - Professor – College of Physics/UFPA

- João Paulo de Abreu Vieira – Professor FEE/UFPA

- Johelden Campos Bezerra - Professor IFPA 

- José Felipe Souza de Almeida – PROFESSOR/UFRA 

- Josiane do Couto Rodrigues - Professor IESAM 

- Josivaldo de Souza Araujo - FACOMP/UFPA 

- Jozias Parente de Oliveira - Professor UEA

- Karlo Queiroz da Costa - UFPA/Tucuruí Campus

- Lamartine Vilar de Sousa - UFPA/ Abaetetuba Campus

- Marco José de Sousa - FCT/UFPA 

- Marcos André Barros Galhardo – Professor FEE/UFPA

- Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo - UFPA/Castanhal Campus 

- Maria Emília de Lima Tostes – Professora FEE/UFPA

- Maria Neiva Fonseca - ERICSSON/Stockholm-Sweeden 

- Mauro Margalho Coutinho - Professor UNAMA

- Nelson Cruz Sampaio Neto - FACOMP/UFPA 

- Otávio Noura Teixeira - Professor CESUPA 

- Paulo Sergio Rodrigues Lima - Professor UEPA

- Raimundo Nonato das Mercês Machado - Professor IFPA

- Roberto Menezes Rodrigues - CESUPA 

- Rodrigo Melo e Silva de Oliveira - FCT/UFPA 

- Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos - IESAM 

- Simone da Graça de Castro Fraiha - Professor – College of Physics/UFPA

- Sandro Dimy Barbosa Bitar - Professor UFAM

- Sheila Cristina dos Santos Costa - Professor UFPI

- Valquiria Gusmão Macedo – Professor FEE / UFPA

- Yomara Pinheiro Pires - UFPA/Castanhal Campus


Therefore, it is possible to emphasize the importance of PPGEE in the training of human resources for the different Higher Education Institutions, since a large number of Ph.D. professors are working in these HEIs and the program will continue to graduate more Doctors.



The Program has increased its visibility in the state to other higher education institutions that have been seeking to qualify their faculty thorugh academic cooperation agreements with PPGEE, for the training of masters and doctors, and through specific agreements and execution of research projects carried out with the state government, with electric energy concessionaires and telecommunications companies. Usually, these agreements are established with the participation of faculty and students of the Graduate in Electrical Engineering in Research and Development R&D programs.

The course has also sought to become more and more visible to technological and teaching institutions abroad through scientific cooperation agreements, which has resulted in good results related to the training of students in the program and the increase in the quantity of technical-scientific production.