Concentracion Area: Applied Computing


Research Line

a. Distributed Networks and Systems

Communication protocols for interconection of systems, especially, used in supervision (Electric Energy and Telecommunication). Traffic Planning and Dimisioning. Quality of Service (QoS). Network Planning. Access Technologies.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0002 – Stochastic Processes and PPGEE0006 – Computer Networks


Research Line

b. Computational Intelligence

Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Bayesian Networks, Symbolic Artificial Intelligence. Applications in systems, especially, technology-related ones.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0002 – Estochastic Processes and PPGEE0130 – Computational Intelligence


Concentracion Area: Electric Energy Systems


Research Line

a. Power Systems 

Static and dynamic analysis of electrical networks behavior, electric energy systems and quality of energy. Analysis of the impact of the integration of new sources of energy supplies, like renewable ones, in the Electric Power Systems.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0022 – Analysis of Electric Power Systems and PPGEE0023 – Power Systems Stability


Research Line

b. Renewable Sources

Use of renewable energy (solar, Aeolic, biomass) to attend small and medium energy demands; indentify and to survey possible energy sources in the Region, in order to advise projects of energy use.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0022 – Analysis of Electric Power Systems and  PPGEE0030 – Introduction to Renewable Energy or PPGEE0067 – Energy Efficiency


Research Line

c. Control and Automation 

Adaptative Control, supervised control, power systems control, non-linear control, intelligent control, System Theory, Analysis and Project of Robust Multivariate Controler, decentralized control of interconnected systems.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0013 – Linear Systems Theory and PPGEE0010 – Digital Control of Systems


Research Line

d. High Voltage 

Analysis of the behavior of electric devices and equipments working at high and extra high voltage, like in the power grid and electric energy distribution. Analysis of the behavior of electromagnetic field and electric insulation of those devices at high and extra high voltage. Coordination of insulation in electric networks. Studies of Electromagnetic Transients and Atmospheric discharges.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0262 – High Voltage Equipments and Techniques and PPGEE0022 – Analysis of Electric Power Systems


Concentration Area: Telecommunication 


Research Line

a. Applied Electromagnetism 

Electromagnetic propagation in complex means. Analysis and synthesis of antennas. Numeric Methods Applied to electromagnetism. Theoretical study of electric and electromagnetic properties of nanostructures. Group Theory in electromagnetism.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0002 – Stochastic Processes and PPGEE0001 – Advanced Electromagnetism.


Research Line

b. Signals Processing 

It includes studies in voice recognition, source coding, pattern recognition, wavelets, data mining, machine learning, image coding, signal processing techniques applied to telecommunications and electric power systems.

Mandatory Disciplines: PPGEE0002 – Stochastic Processes and PPGEE0230 – Digital Processing of Signals